Blues Point is an acoustic combination of blues, rhythm’n’blues, funky and rock and roll.  The band was set up in Warsaw in November 2010 on the initiative of Włodek Sobczak – a guitarist, vocalist, composer and lyricist who in the seventies was a member of the popular Polish group – Full Light Blues Band.


In 2010 Włodek Sobczak decided to record a new album.  It was called „Blues na biało” and it received very positive reviews.  The other two members of the band were at that time: Mirosław Borkowski (an excellent, experienced guitarist and vocalist who has participated in many music projects – among others – the legendary Polish group Country Family) and Marek Bugała (a well-known harmonica player).


In July 2011 Marek Bugała was replaced by Arek Osenkowski – a saxophonist cooperating with many famous artists from Poland (Stare Dobre Małżeństwo, Funktet, Magda Piskorczyk etc.).

In 2011 the trio – called since then on Blues Point – took part in many Polish festivals and concerts (Las Woda Blues in Radzyń, Suwałki Blues Festival and Krosno to name a few). The performance in Suwałki attracted special attention because of the instrumens used during the performance – two acoustic guitars and a saxophone.


In March 2012 Blues Point released its debut record called „Po prostu…”.  The album was played on many radio stations in Poland and it received a lot of positive reviews.  In general, the year 2012 was very hardworking for the members of the band.  They participated in many different festivals, concerts and events (Olsztyn, Ciechanów, Kartuzy, Cisna, Kalisz etc.)


In 2013 the band decided to release the English version of the album.  It was called „Simply blues” and it was promoted by Frank Roszak in Europe, America and Australia.  At the end of 2013 Frank Roszak Promotions released a compilation consisting of 17 songs.  One of them was „Guardian Angel” – a song coming from the album „Simply blues”.


In 2014 the band participated once again in Suwałki Blues Festival but this time with a new repertoire and a new drummer – Jakub Kinsner.  In the second half of the year the band started working on the third album „At a crossroads”.  It was released at the beginning of 2015.  The album consists of 12 songs written by Włodek Sobczak and Paweł Mrowiec and it differs considerably from the previous ones.


In 2016 Todd Glazer – an American radio promoter – showed his interest in the new songs of the band.  From April on the tracks from the new album will be played and promoted on many American, Canadian and Australian radio stations.


Nowadays the band consists of four members: Włodek Sobczak, Mirosław Borkowski, Jakub Kinsner and Jacek Prokopowicz.